Ar du sjuksköterska, ta chansenochkomframätikarriärenJ

År du sjuksköterska, ta chansenochkomframätikarriärenJ: this sentence means: “If you are a nurse, take your chance and come here to build your career” and you can find it everywhere in the city centre of Stockholm. Seen by the point of view of an Italian, it sounds very weird. Here in Sweden the nurse is an important professional role, qualified and for this reason independent. An example: in Sweden to become a nurse you have to attend three years of university and then you can start to work in a surgery or medicine unit. You can even study more years and specialize in ICU nurse, district nurse, stroke nurse, pediatric. Etc. You need an year to specialize and then you can gain more money and be more free. In ICU the auxiliary staff  cleans the patients, controls the vital parameters, gives drugs via sound. The nurse, in the meantime, examines the general condition of the patient, manages the ventilator and some drugs without asking to the doctor.

The district nurse is a kind of nurse that works outside of the hospital: everyday she or he receives in his office patients of different kinds (diabetics, patients with psycho-social problems, patients with pressure wounds ecc) and takes decisions about how to manage the illness for all the time that is needed.  

An interesting topic is the relation between doctor and nurse. Here in Stockholm nurses and doctors are daily involved in meetings in which they discuss about patients and how to manage them. Kind of different from Italy, isn’t it ? The Italian nurse is maybe too much involved in doing practical things without having a complete idea of the general condition of the patient and a critical idea about what is necessary to do for him. Maybe Sweden is considered “advanced” in nursing because here nurses are really independent professional that can evaluate, critically think and take decisions about patient’s managing.

We want also talk about the critical findings (not everything can be perfect..): the risk in becoming a specialized nurse means to break away from the patient because you need to focus on management avoiding clinical nursing.

There would be more thing to say, but we have to close. We want to report another sentence seen in Stockholm that stoke us:” Inte under 24000”. This is the protestation of Swedish nurses and means that no one has to accept his first work as nurse for less ok 24000 SEK per month (2668 euros!). They are fighting for this, and it seems to be working! This thing is making us think a lot about he fact that in Italy we are so good in complaining, but are we really doing something to change the situation?

Wrote by Vanessa Giorgia and Ambra, three Italian nurse students in Erasmus in Sweden.


One Comment to “Ar du sjuksköterska, ta chansenochkomframätikarriärenJ”

  1. This is a topic which is near to my heart… Best wishes!
    Where are your contact details though?


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