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maggio 12, 2012

How to become a nurse in Italy

To become a nurse in Italy it is necessary to attend three years of university: each year is divided between theoretical lessons and practical internship at the hospital. To pass the year, you have both exams and practical tests. The topics of study are the most various: from anatomy to pathology, communication, psychology, law of nursing, surgery, medicine, ICU nursing ecc. At the end of the three years you have to prepare an essay (thesis) on a topic you can choose: you have a final big exam (qualification test) and then you can call yourself a nurse. How is the profession of nurse in Italy? Mainly, in Italy nurses prepare and give drugs to the patients, medicate surgical wounds, somewhere they still clean up the patients: they even do other practical things like taking blood samples and  help and collaborate with doctors. There are many differences between units. The profession of nurse is not very well remunerated and there are still a lot of fights between doctors and nurses. More over, the common vision of nurse in Italy is very stereotyped because most of the people think that they just clean up people and are submitted to doctors. The goal of the next years is to improve the status of nurses making the common people understand that nursing is a independent profession. Another big target is to change the nurses old style mind putting the patients at the centre of the assistance instead of just caring about practical and predetermined performances.

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maggio 12, 2012


Hi! if you are a nurse, or a student nurse, we need you! please write here something about you and your way of working in the country you come from: we can create a huge community of nurses from all over the world! you can write a comment in the space below, write an e mail or write on our facebook space! Be part of this project and share your nursing esperience!